S.A.D. College Students

Cozy warm sweatshirts and hot mocha lattes may not always eclipse the winter blues. The first semester for a college student always tends to be a hard one as it presents us a unique myriad of challenges. Intensifying academic achievement and living away from home for the first time, we often go about our days... Continue Reading →


Newfound Dangers to Placenta Consumption

I’ve always wondered how placenta consumption was introduced as an acceptable form of treatment for postpartum depression, a form of depression that occurs in mothers after childbirth. Believed to be as old as tradition itself by many women, this practice is thought to have been originated from an age when matriarchal wisdom reigned. Yet, it... Continue Reading →

Sugar – Harming Us Sweetly

The love we have for sugar foods, from sweetened beverages to desserts, makes it very hard for us to resist it. These sugar foods, however, have a relationship with teenagers in a way that is much different from its relationship with adults. The brain needs glucose as a fuel for neurotransmitters (3). However, too much... Continue Reading →


Whether it was because of the giant spider Aragog from the Dark Forest in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or because of my encounter with large jumping spiders in India, I’ve always had a fear of spiders - tiny or big. A friend of mine is deathly afraid of heights and no one... Continue Reading →

Are Flip Flops a Flop?

The arrival of summer means tossing out your warm boots and throwing on those flip flops. Your toes and your heals can finally breathe. But is there a possibility that flip flops can result in foot damage? As a dancer with flat feet, I had constant foot pain when I was growing up and training... Continue Reading →

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